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Gift of a man "Flight in an ultralight aircraft"
Price: 1590.00 UAH

An interesting gift of a man. This unforgettable pastime and recreation in nature. details...

Package proposal "Individalny set"
Price: 0.00 UAH

Package proposal "Individual set" - the ability to give truly personal gift that you will be able to collect himself. details...

Gifts for men package "His dreams"
Price: 333.00 UAH

Gift to the man to be unusual and original. Package proposal "His dreams" is such a gift in this package is the choice of participants include: canoeing, go-karting, rock climbing lesson, a parachute jump from the tower, anti-stress massage, flying in a flight simulator MiG-21. details...

Gift of a woman "Tutty Frutty" for women
Price: 500.00 UAH

In this package you can find the following services: Swedish massage, the program "SPA-Sweet Time", a fruit wrap, chocolate massage, SPA-manicure and SPA-pedicure, thai massage the head and shoulders, SPA-procedure "Milk and Honey", aromatherapy. details...

Gift of a man "Big Five. The shooting of the five types of weapons"
Price: 1600.00 UAH

Looking for gift of a man, who will present new experiences and unforgettable feeling of extreme sports? Gift Certificate "Big Five" will be the most appropriate gift. details...

Gifts men "Lesson riding on a motorcycle"
Price: 495.00 UAH

Gifts men "The lesson of riding" - a unique gift certificate that will give your recipient the opportunity to learn to manage the iron horse, and learn about safe driving techniques in a sports motorcycle. details...

Gift Voucher "Jazz night"
Price: 1490.00 UAH

Internet-shop of gift certificates www.darlink.com.ua presents the gift certificate «Jazz night». details...

Gifts Kiev "Riding in a canoe"
Price: 350.00 UAH

If you are looking for gifts to Kiev is ready to provide them, particularly water sports such as skiing, canoeing. details...

Gifts for Men "Flying in an ultralight aircraft"
Price: 1490.00 UAH

Want to climb into the sky? We will give you that opportunity! Such gifts for men, a certificate "in the sky in an ultralight aircraft for those who knows what's what in the adventures! details...

Gift of a man "Parachute jump"
Price: 950.00 UAH

Such gift of a man, as "Parachute jump" will open for them the world of extreme adventure and adrenalin sensations. details...


Gift Certificate "Evening walk on a yacht"
Price: 2500.00 UAH

Give your friends or loved ones a truly wonderful gift or treat yourself to a delightful and romantic holiday. Two-hour boat trip on a yacht 6.5 meters long, it will be very comfortable for 2 participants. French basket of fruit and croissants as a gift from our shop. details...

Gift "Ayurvedic body massage with herbs"
Price: 1440.00 UAH

Want to impress the ladies expensive, this will help you a gift certificate "Ayurvedic massage with herbs." This type of massage that aims to restore balance to the body. Ayurvedic massage is performed with a mixture of fragrant dried herbs, spices and various types of flour (oat, rice, etc.), duration 2:00. Believe me, this gift will delight every girl! details...

Gifts for women "SPA-Whipped Cream"
Price: 300.00 UAH

Give your family the real pleasure and relaxation from the bustle of the city. Milk in the Turkish hammam wrap is exactly what the dream hero of the occasion. Now, gifts for women give easily. details...

Gift Certificate "XXX"
Price: 0.00 UAH

A gift certificate to an online store women's jewelry and original things can be the chosen by you of any denomination. This certification is a great corporate gift for your colleagues. details...

Extreme gift to man "Flying the Yak-52"
Price: 3000.00 UAH

Find a gift a man is very difficult, that's why we offer you a gift certificate for a flight with extreme performance aerobatics for 20 minutes. details...

Birthday gifts "SPA-East care"
Price: 600.00 UAH

SPA-East care - Turkish procedure for all women and girls or for a strong half of mankind. Giving such a certificate - you present an excellent service, express your concern and attention. details...

Gift certificate "Extreme boat trip with friends"
Price: 1680.00 UAH

Extreme entertainment, unforgettable feelings - an original gift, as well as a great adventure. details...

Gift Certificate "Horse riding"
Price: 199.00 UAH

Gift certificate for horse riding in the forest-park area, walking duration 1:00. Be sure to see our photos! details...

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Walk on a yacht or a master class in management - what do you choose this summer?

So it's welcome is warm! But winter is gray and not very warm spring justifiably been so now we are waiting for the mass of hot and wonderful weekend that definitely need to spend near some water. Where is the best spend yachting in Kiev - the course of the Dnieper and the Kiev Sea.





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